Universal Basel

Case studies in small groups about "Psyche Ethics Law", together with the senior hospital physicians
Dr. Thilo Burkard and Dr. Mike Recher, in German for 5th-year medical students, 1h30.

Course "Introduction to ethics - biopatents", in English, for students in biology (10) and pharmaceutical science (5), 1h30.

Supervision of five medical students'  work about "Therapeutical limits: pros and cons of resuscitation", in German, together with Miss Anna Genske, PhD candidate, 3h.

Course on « Protection of personal data : the European legal framework », 1h. More…

Course in environmental ethics about « EU Energy and Environmental Law and Policy – Internal and External Dimensions », in English, together with Nicolas PRADEL, PhD Candidate (1h30).

Seminar about « Bio-patenting : legal and ethical issues », in English, together with Mrs. Bernice ELGER, Professor (the participants of the seminar were about 30 students of BaselUniversity and ETH Zürich, from different disciplines, 1,5h). More…

Supervision of four medical students' work about „Legitimacy of abortion in cases of unwanted pregnancy“, in German, together with Miss Violet Handtke, PhD candidate, 3h.