Université Aix-Marseille

Januar-März 2014
Vorlesung "EU-Recht (institutionnelle Aspekte)" (LII, 66h), Aix-Marseille Université, Aix-en-Provence und Arles.

Tutorials  related to  the  extra-contractual  obligations  of  the  European  Union  supporting  the  lecture  series  of Mr. Rostane MEHDI, Professor (M I, 1,5 h).

Tutorials in institutional EU Law supporting the lecture series of Mr. Jean-Yves CHÉROT, Professor (L II, 73,5 h) and Mr. Claude GUEYDAN, Lecturer (L II, 31,5 h).

Tutorials in substantial EU Law supporting the lecture series of Mrs. Marie MASCLET DE BARBARIN, Lecturer (L II, 21 h) and Mrs. Nathalie RUBIO, Lecturer (L II, 42 h).

Team coach of the group representing the French University at the International Law Moot Court Competition « Telders » for Mrs. Marie-Pierre LANFRANCHI, Lecturer (M I, 21 h) and for Mr. Jean-François MARCHI,Lecturer (M I, 42 h).